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Hemdatiya was chosen as one of the best accomodations of the year 2010 (The Bests, Maariv)

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Hemdatiya – Accommodation in a Farmhouse
In the heart of the Segera-Ilaniya settlement, on the top of a beautiful hill situated between Mount Tabor and the Sea of Galilee are the Hemdatiya Farmhouse Guest Rooms.
The spacious and pampering guest accommodation at Hemdatiya is the end result of meticulous reconstruction and dedicated conservation of delightful stone buildings which surround a farmhouse dating back to the beginning of the previous century. The special character of the guest rooms, the design and significant investment can be seen in each and every detail. The rooms are accessorized with everything you are looking for on vacation: a kitchenette, air conditioning, a wood burner, internet, cable television, DVD with movies and a private pool. At the entrance to each room is a private balcony and patio with an abundance of flowers and fragrances. In the patio you will find garden beds full of herbs which our guests may pick, eat and use for cooking.
In Hemdatiya’s sea of galilee vacation rental courtyard is a self-producing vineyard producing local excellent wine. The work and the hospitality are all carried out with attention to detail and with a genuine love for nature and the land.
The courtyard is enclosed with an ancient stone wall and overlooks the entire area. The accommodation at Hemdatiya is suitable for romantic couples as well as for families with children. In the courtyard adjacent to the guest rooms is a natural stone pool in which you can cool off on the hot summer days and a Jacuzzi hot-tub to warm yourselves up during the cool winter days.
The accommodation in Hemdatiya sea of galilee vacation rentals includes a rich breakfast which we prepare ourselves and includes a selection of excellent goats’ cheeses, a variety of jams, pastries and fresh vegetable salads. Hemdatiya vacation rentals in Tiberias serves as a central departure point for trips by foot, cycles or car.


The stone pool

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Beauty and harmony


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